Published Articles

The Odyssey Greek Newspaper 

As a freshman, I was looking for a launching point to demonstrate my interest in journalisM. I wanted to learn more about what it takes to be a good journalist and how to find the perfect story that captures the attention of readers. I was given the opportunity to write for the Sorority/Fraternity newspaper on campus, The Odyssey. For three whole years my articles were published. I enjoyed writing and getting my name recognized within the CU community. Check out some of the articles I have written here.

Ski and Skiing Magazine

Being able to have a byline in any magazine is a great honor. However, being able to have multiple bylines in two different magazines involving something you’re passionate about is a dream come true. After interning at both Ski and Skiing Magazines this past summer, I got the incredible opportunity to write for both of these incredible magazines. You can view my online article here. My print articles will be coming out in September, October, and November of 2014. I also had several hard copy articles published that can be viewed upon request.

7 News

Growing up in Colorado, I have been watching 7 News since I was a little girl. I began pursuing an internship with them at the young age of 18 (even though they only allow Junior and Seniors in college to apply). After getting tours of the station from both Christine Chang and Mike Nelson, I knew that interning for 7 News would be the ultimate experience. This past summer I applied for an internship with the Call7 Investigative Team. Although unfortunate circumstances required me to hold off on the internship opportunity, I have made a point to keep in touch with the team.

On a recent trip to the mountains, I noticed smoke coming from a building in the horizon. As a good investigative reporter should do, I followed the smoke to a burning building and pulled out the old camera phone. I made sure to collect as much footage as possible  in order to ensure maximum coverage. I immediately got in touch with my friends on the Call7 Investigative Team and gave them my footage. They used it for a story and posted it just a few hours later. You can see the story and my footage here.